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My experience from the beginning until now has been 5 star customer service from my first encounter until the day of and after my implant surgery.  Dr. Pasqual and his staff took very good care of me.  I even received two personal calls from Dr. Pasqual to check on me after my surgery and to date I still have the message he left for me saved on my phone.

Alicia, Pompano Beach

My experience with Dr. Pasqual was first class.  A very nice office, great staff and first class care.  I would definitely come to him again.

Elmer, Lake Worth

I had a beautiful experience.  Dr. Pasqual is a good and caring person with his patients.

George, Lake Worth

Dr. Pasqual saw me on an emergency basis.  It was by far the best dental experience I have had.  His demeanor, expertise, skill and ability to put me at ease was an unexpected positive outcome.  The entire team was caring and supportive.  I am now managing my New York – Florida schedule to have all my dental work completed here.

Nieter, New York

Great bedside manner!  Excellent care and follow-up.  Very competent.  Would definitely recommend to others.

Rollene, Boynton Beach

My experience with Dr. Pasqual and his staff was more than satisiactory.  The extraction of my molar tooth was accomplished quickly, professionally, and painlessly.  I would recommend him to family and friends.

Dr. Richard, Boynton Beach

Dr. Pasqual was very professional and did an excellent job of the removal of my wisdom teeth and my implant.  Also, his staff was very helpful and professional.  I have already recommended Dr. Pasqual to a friend of mine who needs an implant.

Alex, Boca Raton

Wonderful treatment and warm reception by Dr. Pasqual and his staff.  Always enjoyable visiting Pasqual Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Robert, Delray Beach

My experience with Dr. Pasqual has been very pleasurable, professional and informative.  I have been advised of the entirety of my injury and what to expect.  Dr. Pasqual was very patient explaining everything.  I have had a very pleasurable experience and would highly recommend Dr. Pasqual to my family and friends.

John, Boynton Beach

I was really worried about getting my tooth pulled.  It’s been a few years since I have been to the dentists office.  Coming to Dr. Pasqual‘s office and being welcomed by his staff, I had no worries.  The surgery went fantastic!  I was in great hands and had nothing to worry about.  Thank you Dr. Pasqual and staff.

Ramona, Boca Raton

The treatment that I have received has been excellent.  Dr. Pasqual has helped me change my eating habits and the staff helps in anyway thay can.  I will continue to see him for future help and follow-up.

Alivin, Lake Worth

The surgery went really well.  I did not feel any pain.  Dr. Pasqual made me feel comfortable.  When everything was over I didn’t even need any pain medicine. 

Gina, Delray Beach

I have had 2 appointments with Dr. Pasqual.  I had 2 wisdom teeth removed.  The staff was very professional and friendly.  Dr. Pasqual is a real gentleman and makes you feel at ease while performing extractions.  I have and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great oral surgeon.

Michael, Delray Beach

My first visit experience visiting Dr. Pasqual‘s office was somewhat nerve racking as I had to have a tooth extracted.  I found Dr. Pasqual soothing and very comforting.  The staff is super terrific, especially Karen.  She was well versed in the field and very friendly.

Denise, Boynton Beach

Dr. Pasqual is an excellent surgeon.  He pays attention to details and has an excellent knowledge of medicine. He is passionate about his work, compassionate with patients, and takes the time to make patients feel comfortable.  I’ve never met anyone like him.

Dr. Erin, Naples

Dr. Pasqual is the best!  His staff and follow-up was impeccable.  He called to check on us to make sure everything was ok after surgery.  I highly recommend Dr. Pasqual.

James, Boynton Beach

Pain-free, kind and very polite.  I will use Dr. Pasqual again and recommend him to friends.

Lucille, Battle Creek, MI

I was very pleased with my visit.  I will refer my friends and family if needed.  Dr. Pasqual and his staff were great.  Thank you very much.

Jim, Boynton Beach

Dr. Pasqual did an excellent job on very short notice.  He was cordial, explained the entire procedure and was flexible on follow-up.  Great service!  Thank you!

Tim, Boynton Beach

Very pleased with staff and Dr. Pasqual‘s treatment.  Would recommend him highly!

Madeline, Boca Raton

My overall experience was great!  I came to the office late in the day after my dentist had trouble with my extraction.  I was treated in a prompt and professional manner, with full explanation of the procedure. 

Michael, Boynton Beach

I  was referred to Dr. Pasqual through a friend of mine.  The same day I was in so much pain and knew one of my back molars needed extracted.  Dr. Pasqual made time in his schedule to see me and proceed with the procedure the same day.  I was never once in pain during and or after the surgery.  In short, it was the most pleasurable dental experience I have ever encountered!

Lisa, Delray Beach

Wonderful care!  Very positive experience. Thank you!

Sumner, Boynton Beach

I had three wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Pasqual.  The whole experience has been very pleasant.  I feel as though I was informed about what would be done and treated exceptionally well throughout the entire process.  I would recommend Dr. Pasqual to anyone in a heartbeat!

Germar, Delray Beach

Great experience!  Would highly recommend Dr. John Pasqual for treatment again!

Robert, Hollywood

The doctor did an awesome job and made me feel comfortable.  Looking forward to a fast recovery.

Rachelle, Delray Beach

I really recommend Dr. John R. Pasqual, everything went great.

Ewelina, Boynton Beach

The doctor is very professional and the office is very up-to-date.  You are in a relaxing atmosphere.  He is an excellent oral surgeon.  Dr. Pasqual came highly recommended.

Lothar, Boca Raton

Dr. Pasqual and his staff are an exceptional group of people.  I had to have a tooth removed that had been giving me problems.  they did it in a timely fashion and delicately.  I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy a visit to get a tooth pulled but the friendly staff made it that way.  Thank you to all of you for your help and support.

Jenat, Delray Beach

Great work and great friendly service by entire staff!

Steven, Boca Raton

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Pasqual.  He is great.  I will definitely recommend him.

Roberta, Boynton Beach

I have found Dr. Pasqual, Ron and the office staff to be very personable, cooperative and very professional.  My experience with my surgery was very pleasant.  I thank them for caring.

Grace, Boca Raton

Dr. Pasqual and his staff were amazing!  They were all extremely friendly and made the entire experience of getting my wisdom teeth out as pleasant as possible.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs oral surgery!

Mary, Boca Raton

Dr. Pasqual and his staff are the best.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.  He showed me nothing but the utmost care, answered my questions and addressed all my concerns.  What a great experience!

Marci, Boca Raton

I found Dr. Pasqual‘s office online.  I could not be happier!  I had four wisdom teeth removed and the process was painless and the recovery quick.  The office is professional and very friendly.  Great service and reasonable prices.  I have recommended everyone that asks for dental services to Dr. Pasqual.

Alfredo, Boca Raton

I put off having my tooth worked on for two years.  Finally the time came to have my tooth extracted.  Dr. Pasqual was gentle and explained everything to me.  I could not be more appreciative of his gentle demeanor and professionalism.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs an oral surgeon.

Stacey, Boynton Beach

Dr. Pasqual is very understanding and reassuring.  Everyone at his office has been very nice and professional.  I will return in the future.

Nicholas, Ft. Lauderdale

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted isn’t exactly fun, but at least the staff and Dr. Pasqual were extremely considerate and helpful.  If my wisdom teeth decided to grow back (or if any other problems occur) I would definitely come back to Dr. Pasqual.

Kathleen, Hypoluxo

I am very pleased with the service and how the oral surgeon and staff conduct themselves.  Dr. Pasqual did a great job including checking up on me after surgery.  I will continue to go to him for future problems.

Joel, Pompano

Dr. Pasqual has been reassuring and gentle throughout my care.  I have great faith that he and his staff will take me all the way back from my accident to a great smile once again.

Elen, West Palm Beach

The tooth removal by Dr. Pasqual was very efficient, painless and professional.

Charles, Boca Raton

The entire experience with Dr. Pasqual was pleasant and painless (to someone who avoids dentists as a hobby).  I would highly recommend him to anyone.

David, Ft. Lauderdale

It was a scary experience for me. Everything turned out fine. Everyone was nice and the atmosphere was great.

Bucafa, Delray Beach

Dr. Pasqual worked me into his schedule on short notice when I had a tooth causing significant pain.  He was able to remove the tooth and place bone in the socket to prepare the area for an implant in the future.  His technique and patient care manners are excellent.

Robert, Delray Beach

Very Professional service.  Friendly and efficient office staff.  State of the art equipment.  Highly recommend Dr. Pasqual.

Richard, Ocean Ridge