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Individuals who are concerned about wrinkles, especially on the forehead and between the eyes, can turn to Botox treatments as a way to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many people find that they look happier and less stressed when they get Botox treatments because it relaxes the muscles that were tightening to create wrinkles.

Botox was originally developed to treat undesirable muscle twitches in the eyelid. When injected, it works by keeping the muscles in the area from responding to brain signals that are causing them to contract. The same theory applies to Botox treatments made for cosmetic reasons. Wherever the injections are made, the treatment relaxes the muscles, making you less prone to furrows.

The process of getting Botox treatments is a simple one, with the injections taking just 10 minutes to complete during an office visit. Patients do not need anesthesia and do not feel much, if any pain, at the injection site.

Botox recipients start seeing results within a few days, and the effect increases until about two weeks after the injection. At this point, the treatment maintains these results for about three months before facial muscles begin to return to their usual sensitivity. Many patients return for treatments on a regular basis to maintain results.

Botox is very safe, with minimal side effects. Some people experience bruising or take longer than the usual few days to see results.

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