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Alveolar Osteitis “Dry Socket” Prevention

Many exodontists ardently adhere to their method of prevention and treatment of AO without any sound scientific data to base their rationale upon. This is unfortunate, but most likely due to the paucity of well-controlled double blind studies in the occurrence, prevention, and treatment of AO. One method, which has been scientifically proven to decrease […]

The Use of Platlet Rich Plasma in Oral Surgery

For many years, clinicians in various specialties of dentistry and medicine have been searching for materials that can accelerate and enhance bone and soft tissue healing, especially that of bone and soft tissue grafts. While bone morphogenic protein appeared to be a promising alternative for the enhancement and promotion of bone grafts and bone growth, […]

Implant Site Preservation

Since the introduction of dental implants into North America in the early 1980’s, we have witnessed an evolution in how implants are used to replace missing teeth. At the outset, implants were seen as a means to provide support to overdentures for edentulous patients. Subsequently, implants began being considered for single tooth replacement and even […]

The Current State of Laser Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis

The use of lasers in periodontal practice has become a desirable alternative to traditional scalpel surgery; however, a deficiency in published evidence supporting the efficacy of such treatment exists. A recent review by Cobb, Low, and Coluzzi (2010) presents the current peer-reviewed evidence on the use of the most commonly used dental lasers over the […]

The Management of Pre and Post Operative Pain

As dentists we are commonly faced with fearful patients. They anticipate and expect a painful experience during or after their treatment. They tend to procrastinate to the point where they are presenting with pain and a high level of anxiety, only perpetuating their status. These situations are a challenge to the practioner. It is important […]

Tobacco and Dental Implants

Tobacco has been long recognized as a significant health hazard. Cigarette smoking, in particular, has been implicated with several cancers including: oral lung and bladder. Additionally, smokers have a much higher incidence of: hypertension>/li> coronary artery disease pulmonary infections and emphysema. In fact, children that live in smokers’ households have a 8 times greater incidence […]

Implant Myths Versus Facts

Over the past twenty years, dental implants have become a standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth. Still, it seems clear that there is reluctance on the part of some clinicians and patients to provide and receive implant treatment. This reluctance on the part of clinicians to provide the treatment and on the […]

The Benefits of Intravenous Anesthesia

Until the advent of local anesthetics, surgery was a very traumatic and painful experience. The very best surgeons were by no means the gentlest; they were the fastest. General “ether” anesthetics helped alleviate pain, but were very dangerous to administer and unpredictable in the dosing. The advent of local anesthetics truly revolutionized in-the-office surgery, particularly […]

Presence of Asymptomatic Wisdom Teeth and Systemic Disease

All dentists are aware that the presence of pericoronitis around third molar teeth can progress to serious and even life threatening infections, and most would agree that tooth removal is necessary to solve such a problem. It is less obvious, however, that asymptomatic third molars may pose potential infection risks to patients. In 2007, the […]

About the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the surgical specialists of the dental profession. Their extensive education and training, surgical expertise and unparalleled understanding of esthetics and function uniquely qualify them to treat the conditions, defects, injuries and esthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, jaws and face. Patients who  complain of pain or problems in this area […]