Quality of Life

Improving quality of life. 


Should this not be our ultimate pursuit? What value do we place on our health?  In short, what is one’s life worth?  Many have the latest and greatest of material items.  When it comes to oral health, however, we are neglectful at times or possibly, simply uninformed.

Patients that lose a tooth to decay or trauma many times feel that is the end of the line.  When it is just the beginning.  Missing or failing teeth may be restored with dental implants. Dental implants are utilized to restore harmony to the mouth and contiguous structures of the facial skeleton by providing support and restoring balance to one’s occlusion.  Implants are screw-like structures comprised of titanium alloy.  They are surgically placed in the upper and or lower jaw to replace missing teeth. Patients that find dentures difficult to wear, many times benefit from the ability of implants to retain, support or even replace dentures entirely. Patients may  complain of recent or long-standing TMJ problems that may be attributed to an unbalanced occlusion due to teeth that are missing or an ill fitting prosthesis such as a complete or partial denture. Your dentist can speak with you and provide treatment options that may include placement of an implant or implants at the time or extraction or placement at a later date after a period of healing. Your health care provider will aid in determining what may be best for you and your condition.

Seeing your dentist or dental specialist on a regular basis is important and can be life saving.  Patients suffering from chronic or acute oral infections can find themselves in life threatening situations.  So if you feel you do not have the means or simply the time to visit with your health care provider, ask yourself, “What is my life worth?”


To your good health friends.


Stay well!


John R. Pasqual, D.M.D.


Dr. Pasqual is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon practicing in Delray Beach.  He limits his practice to oral-facial surgery and dental implantology.  You may contact his office at 561.900.9080 or through his web site www.pasqualoms.com.

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